Project Deliverables

O2.1: Needs and contextual analysis report

A consolidated and updated context report highlighting school and students’ needs to promote equal opportunities, along with an introduction to the 4 educational systems and the policy framework for inclusive education in Romania, Cyprus, Croatia, and Serbia.

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O2.2: ChangeShaping guide: Introduction to the co-creation process

This guide is for teachers and schools interested in applying the Social Innovation Education (SIE) model in their contexts and embed SIE in their curricula. It contains useful information for organizing and facilitating co-creation labs.

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O2.3: The Social Innovation Education Handbook

If you are interested in implementing Social Innovation Education (SIE) in a school or other learning environment, this handbook is for you! It provides information about SIE, details on the different elements of SIE, explains how to run a SI project in a co-creation lab and shows case studies of existing SI projects.

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02.4 The Social Innovation Education Activities Bank

Are you a teacher trying to get involved in Social Innovation Education and looking for activities to help you get started? This Activities Bank is free and available to offer free activities on how to implement all stages of a Co-creation Lab.

O3.1: Comprehensive audit for engaging schools

Summary of the situation of Social Innovation Education (SIE) in the schools participating in the project and indicating the different routes that schools should follow with the SIE model.

3.3 CSS Training Programme Teacher Guide

A step-by-step guide with the main guidelines and information on how to implement the Social Innovation Education model in schools. 

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Ο4.1: Pilot Implementation Plan

A detailed plan with essential information, tools, and resources necessary for the implementation of the SIE model in schools.

Ο4.2: Pilot Implementation Report

The report describes how the pilot was implemented, how it was elaborated, and the feedback received from participating schools and country ambassadors.

Ο4.3: Evaluation Report

The impact of the SIE intervention on students’ competences through the comparison of pre- and post- evaluation questionnaires to teachers and students.

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O6.1: Scale up pathways report

A report outlining potential pathways for scaling up the implementation of SIE in participating countries’ education systems and identifying universal solutions on a transnational level. Country reports are available in national languages.  

O6.2: Policy recommendations report

A context specific policy recommendations report in the field of education and training for bringing the SIE model to scale in different localities, but also on a wider European level.

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O6.3: Policy Infographics

A general policy infographic in English for the EU level and country-specific infographics in national languages.