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Alex: Listen to Alex Theodoridis, a social innovator and co-founder of Boroume (Greece) talk about social innovation, his work and why it’s important to get young people involved.

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Aaron:  Listen to Aaron Probert, a social entrepreneur who has recently founded Labre’s Hope to support homeless people getting into work. Aaron talks about his new business, how the idea developed and his involvement in Social Innovation Education.

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Ana: Listen to Ana Echevarria, a School Leader from Los Albares (Spain) talk with her colleague Itziar San Miguel Lafuente about how they implemented Social Innovation Education in their school and practical tips to help teachers run it in their schools.

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Dates: January 20 & 21
Place: Online via zoom platform
Duration: 1h and 30 minutes
Participants: over 35 teachers

Description: In the first session we focused on the content, what is SIE and what is the project about. In the second session we reviewed the materials and how to organize the project. We also reviewed the google drive folders. All the training materials used in Romania are in the shared google folder. We were guided by the global training and we used some of the activities and content from there.

Results and feedback: Teachers were excited about the project and got to work with their community. Their concern was about how to engage with external stakeholders and if the Co-creation lab is a physical space or not. Teachers are familiar with design thinking and had questions about the second iteration and whether they should work with the same students or with new students. Teachers also asked if we provide them with additional resources or other materials. They also came up with examples of projects which can work with a low cost but engaging with the extended community. Prior to the meeting we sent them a package with printed copies of all the materials.
The highlight of the meeting were the activities we did in the rooms where they could interact with other teachers.