About Us

CSS-EU - ChangeShaping Schools

Scaling up an impactful Social Innovation Education model in schools around Europe is an Erasmus+ project that runs from January 2021 to January 2024.

The CSS – ChangeShaping Schools project, through the diffusion of “Social Innovation Education” model, aims to introduce a collective and collaborative learning process for the empowerment and socio-political activation of students to drive positive social change. Students develop a set of social and civic related competences that enable them to identify opportunities for social value creation, form collaborations, build social relationships, and take innovative action towards more democratic and sustainable societies.

Promote common values and foster inclusive education

 Pay attention to the social and relational aspects of learning, focusing on the emotional, cognitive, behavioural and agentic aspects of students

Cultivate social and civic competences in schools around Europe

Enhance and support teachers’ professional development contributing further to an improved education


A. SIE diffusion toolbox

• ChangeShaping guide: Introduction to the co-creation process
• SIE Handbook introducing the SIE model
• SIE activities bank


B. SIE Teachers Training Academy:

• ChangeShaping Schools training programme
• Local capacity building workshops
• Series of SIE Masterclasses and students’ podcasts

C. Scale up pathways and recommendations

• Scale up pathways
• Policy recommendations towards inclusive education and promotion of common values
• Policy infographics

Target groups

Educators, including school heads, teachers and Education Councils

Parents and their associations

National, regional and local education authorities

National and EU policy makers

European organizations and networks

Representatives from CSOs, grassroots initiatives, and other social and civic organizations

Researchers and experts in the field of inclusive education;